Products Introduction  

Accompany Chair Lie Fallow Chair  Accompany Chair
Baby Bassinet Baby Bassinet  Baby Bed 
Baby Scale Electronic Baby Scale Common Baby Scale
Bathroom Scale Electronic Bathroom Scale Spring Bathroom Scale
Balance Electric Balance Medicine Balance
Bedside Cabinet Bedside Cabinet
Blood Pressure Monitor Arm Type BP Wrist Type BP
Disabilities Wheelchair Commode Walker Cane & Crutch 
Disposable Dressings Absorbent Gauze Plaster Bandage Elastic Bandage
Triangular Bandage Cotton Buds  
Disposable Products Surgical Blades Surgical Knife Blood Lancet
Dressing Trolley Linen Trolley Soiled Linen Trolley
ECG Machine ECG Machine ECG Paper
Educational Model Model Projector Skeleton
Electric Scooter Power Wheelchair Electric Scooter
Emergency Bed Emergency Bed First Aid Kit First Aid Bag
Emergency Stretcher Stretchers
Emergency Trolley Medicine Delivery Trolley Anesthetic Trolley
Face Mask Single Ply Two-ply Three-ply Dust Proof
Hearing aid Pocket Hearing Aid BTE Hearing Aid ITE Hearing Aid
Health Care Case Aluminum Case Leather Case Pigskin Case 
Home Care Bed Wooden Bed Massage Bed
Hospital and Clinic Bed Hospital Bed 
Hospital Manual Bed Powdered Plain Bed One Crank Bed  Two Cranks Bed
Hospital Scale Body-weight Balance Health Scale  
I.V. Stand I.V.Stand Wash Basin Trolley Boiled Water Trolley 
Instrument Trolley  Instrument Trolley Drug Trolley General Trolley
Kitchen Scale Kitchen Scale 
Mattress Bubble Mattress Interchangeable Mattress
Medicine Cabinet Medicine Cabinet 
Medical Stool Doctor Stool  Step Stool Ward Screen
Microscope Microscope
Nebulizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer Air Compressing Nebulizer
Non-woven Fabric Surgical Gown Isolation Gown  Lab Coat 
Coverall Cap Beard Cover Shoe Cover
Operation Lamp Operation Lamp, Shadow Less Lamp
Operating Table Manual Operating Bed  Electric Operating Bed
Orthopedic Products Wrist Band Palm Band Finger Guard Arm Guard
Overbed Table Overbed Table I.V.Chair
Oxygen Generator FY3 FY5
Pill Box/Tablet Box Weekly Pill Box Square Pill Box Electronic Pill Box 
Sphygmomanometer Mercurial Sphygmomanometer 
Stainless Delivery Table Stainless Delivery Table Low-pulling Trolley
Stainless Steel Bed Stainless Steel Bed Examination Bed
Stainless Trolley Stainless Trolley
Sterilizer  Portable  Sterilizer E-heating Timing Boiling Sterilizer
Stethoscope Stethoscope Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Suction Suction Apparatus  Oxygen Flow Meter Oxygen regulator
Thermometer Mercury Thermometer Digital Thermometer 
Pacifier Thermometer Ear Thermometer
Treatment Trolley Patient Record Trolley Medicine Trolley

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